October 12, 2007

The taste of Champagne

So last weekend Todd and I popped the cork on one of the last bottles of champagne we bought back to the US after living in Europe for three years. This particular bottle of Taittinger was purchased at a Carre Four grocery store in Nancy, France for the equivalent of $21.65.
Knowing that the Euro was coming, and our days in Europe were ending we took all of our francs to France for one last hurrah weekend. We had about $300 worth of francs, so we found a grocery store and brought around 20-25 bottles of French wine and champagne. It was one of the best purchases we ever made. With our household being packed up for shipping, these boxes were labeled "Kitchen Cooking Supplies" for the official manifest.
You can see on the picture that we had written the price we paid because we were so amazed at how cheap it was. Not sure if the same thing would happen with the dollar being so weak against the Euro but back in 2001 it was a field day!

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