November 29, 2008

Fritz has left the building

Yay! Fritz left this morning for his forever home. His new family came to get him this morning. Fritz was his excited self and put on quite a show trying to impress them all.

To play such a small part, to take a dog into our home and give him a safe haven and then help him find his forever family. It feels pretty damn good.

And to know that only three weeks ago, Fritz was scheduled to be put to sleep as there was no more room at the shelter. And that only through the cooperation of several volunteers across two states, where we able to give this guy a second chance. Aside from a few chewed up beanie babies and kitchen utensils, this dog was a dream to get to know and take care of.

I did get a little teary as I said good bye to my friend this morning. But boy, I know he's going to have a great life with his new Mom, Dad and sister. That makes it worth it!

We'll take a little break, as I'm sure Teiko could use it, but there are already other dogs needing a safe home. Our next foster may be young white german shepherd from Milwaukee. Snow as he is so aptly called needs a quieter place than the shelter to really come out of his shell and become adoptable.

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