December 3, 2008

Not Paris, France, but Paris the GSD

We've accepted our next mission of German Shepherd Dog fostering. I present our new rescue dog, Paris.

Paris is currently in lock-up in Waukesha County. Looking at this sweet girl in a kennel cage- I want to drive there right now and break her out, take her home, give her lots of love and attention.
Alas, it will be Saturday before I can break her free as she has to start treatment for heartworms. And she has a mess of them. Her recovery period will be several weeks and then she'll be as good as new and heartworm negative!
She is at the humane society in part because her human owners broke-up and neither wanted her or her brother anymore. Just wasn't convienent to the single lifestyle.
This is so damn ridiculous and cruel. Dogs are not DISPOSABLE! At least now, Paris has a chance to recover and find a home where she'll be loved until her last day.

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