December 11, 2011

Maybe this will change your mind about bats

Living along a marsh since 2001, I've come to appreciate the beauty and amazing nature of bats.  But that wasn't always the case....

When we first moved in - we didn't realize that the house came with bats.  The first spring was quite a surprise, when the bats came "home" for the summer to give birth to the next generation.  And they were everywhere.  Under our decks, in the doorways, in the basement, under woodpiles.  OMG - I was scared sh*tless - because they were everywhere.  And I was sure they were rabies carriers to the first degree.  I wanted them gone. Here's a post I wrote a few years ago about the Bat Education of Rylee.

Over time, I've learned to appreciate our differences and give them the sanctuary they need.  Maybe someday I can even learn to get along with humans of certain political persuasions.  Check out this heart-sweet video of a baby fruit bat being nursed back to health after being abandoned.


  1. What a sweet video. He's unbelievably adorable. The potential for rabies is always a little unsettling, but I also lived in a house that came with bats several years ago and came to appreciate them.

  2. I live in a very rural and agricultural area so there are bats everywhere. I think they're so beautiful and I remember toasting marshmallows in my woodsy backyard once time while they flew above me and took care of all the bothersome mosquitoes. :) Lil' Drac is just a doll.

  3. I have learned to love I lead people on little tours of my backyard at dusk to show them the big bat show as they all fly out of our bathouses. It's amazing.


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