June 18, 2007

Stokin' at Indy F1 2007

We tried to hit the road at 5:30 am on Saturday morning to get to Indianapolis in time to see the F1 qualify races at 1:00 pm. And with a 45 minute late start and an appalling scary stop at a Shell Hell station in LeRoy, Illinois, and a new day light savings time change for Indiana, we actually rolled into the racetrack with about 20 minutes to spare! We watched Lewis Hamilton win the pole position for the 2007 US Grand Prix. After the qualifying races, we headed over to the camping area to set up our fort for the night. As you can see, we had several countries represented with flags attached to the absolutely required sunscreen tent. Camping around us this year were Brazilians, Bulgarians, Finns, Germans, Canadians and even a few Americans. This is probably the most international event that takes place in America and one of best cultural exchanges that we have experienced in the U.S.
Hot, bloody hot was the temperature this year. Saturday was 93 degrees without a cloud in the sky. Sunday the temperatures hit an easy 96 - with the track temperature over 130 degrees. Think sauna. After the race on Sunday, it took all I had to get back to the tent, pull the mattress into the shade, and try to get over a pounding headache that was searing my brain. After drinking about 2 gallons of water, getting horizontal and sorta sleeping, the headache was reduced slightly. Only after we got on the road with the air conditioner at full blast did I start to feel human again.... And since it's my blog, you won't see a picture of me passed out like poor Paul below....
Aside from the heat issues, It was a great trip. Hung out with the guys, won the bet for most placed finishers of the race (and I believe I get a Penske point for that one....) Rolled back back into Madison on Sunday night at 10 pm and was greeted exuberantly by my ever-faithful puppy dog, Teiko.

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