November 21, 2011

Dog puzzles, who knew?

Spent Saturday afternoon at Bad Dog Frida, a great local store for people who love their pets!.  They gave German Shepherd Rescue an afternoon of free publicity and a place to bring our foster dogs to meet new families.

Of course, to support such a great local store, I bought/found a new toy for Teiko.  It's a puzzle from a Swedish company - just like the dang educational toys and wooden puzzles I'd buy for the girls many moons ago.

Basically, you hide treats inside the dowels, slide them down the row and the dog has to figure out how to move the dowel to release the treat.

Teiko gets so excited when I bring the puzzle out.  He knows and smells the good and smelly treats.  He can move the dowels with his teeth and feet.  Sometimes he releases the treats but doesn't eat them because he's more interested in the next dowel.  Give him just a couple of more times.  I can see a more complicated puzzle coming in his Xmas stocking......

In the meantime, putting a puzzle on the floor with your dog and interacting with him, really reinforces how smart dogs can be and how much more we can do with our dogs.


  1. could a dog recovering from surgery play with that puzzle? Trying to think of things to keep his mind occupied while he is on bed rest. Thanks!

  2. I think anything that can engage the mind would be a good thing. How about putting treats under a cup - put a few cups out with treats only in a few. Tell your pup to "find it" and see what happens. This puzzle takes a lot of pawing and my dog really wants to tear into it. I have to kind of hold it down so he can move the puzzle pieces. Not sure if it would be so good for a recovering dog?


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