June 25, 2008

How does the garden grow?

This year's garden is off to a fab start. Tonight Raine and I braved the army of mosquitos and picked our first batch of fresh peas. This year's garden contains; tomatoes, brussel spouts, chili peppers, beans, peas, carrots, beets, cukes, squash and the usual herbs. We fit a lot of veggies in a small space.
A new addition to our gardening practice this year is rain water barrels. These barrels collect water directly from the drain spouts. A good rain storm fills up the barrels in 10 minutes. We are able to collect 100 gallons of rain to water the garden and flower beds. Obviously this isn't enough to water with everyday as we can deplete a 50 gallon barrel with just one watering of the vegetable garden. However, it is a start and Todd is already envisioning a several hundred gallon holding tank for the back yard.

This is a smart and environment alway to conserve our precious ground water. It's silly to use city drinking water when there is so much "free" water available.

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