June 29, 2009

Wow, two days makes all the difference...

Here's my sweet, sweet girl, Mira. I am just amazed how she is recovering and becoming herself after only two days with us. I already have a family interested in her after posting her bio this morning on the rescue site.

I like this "tough chick". She is a little "scary" to the uninitiated of German Shepherds, but really, she's an all bark and no bite kind of girl who has to make sure you are worthy of her trust - and coming from an eat or be eaten kind of world this makes sense.

Show her some love, food, a little discipline and direction, and she is all yours. When she lays at your feet and looks at you with those eyes. Oh my gosh. It's totally worth it.
German Shepherds are amazingly resilient, smart and give their whole heart loving breed of a dog.

Wow! I am humbled.

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