January 30, 2010

Sunshine, the boot eater

The hell that is mine...being the Mama to a foster dog.  

 So on Thursday night, I was talking to my Mama on the phone while she was sitting in the warmth of the south in her R.V..

The dogs were at my feet, like they always are....Sunshine, my  foster dog,  had a great "bone" she was chewing on.  Only after I hung up the phone did I realized that bone was actually one of my favorite boots. 

OMG....I was so MAD!!!!  

Okay, deep breath.....it was really my own fault. I wasn't watching her.

However,  my favorite boots were destroyed.  So what does a woman do?  She goes to http://www.zappos.com/  

I totally found a pretty close  pair of boots - and ordered them at 7:30 on Thursday night.   Took the 3 day standard business shipping option.

 Went to work the next morning and told my colleagues about what my rotten, horrid, foster dog, Sunshine, did to my favorite boots.

 At 1:30 pm on Friday aternoon, a total surprise to me, a Zappos box was delivered.


No one could believe that you could order something online the night before and get it the next day.  And they were awesome!!!!  LOVE 'em!

So I sent zappos an email telling them "thank you!!!" for the amazing delivery, awesome boots, and customer service.  And I mentioned my "horrid" foster dog, Sunshine.  Dennis from customer service, sent me an email back, telling me in part, because of  my fostering of dogs from GSRAW  I was now upgraded to their VIP group.  

SO now, the Mama is a card carrying member of Next Day Delivery. Yay!!!

Thank you my sweet little Ms. Sunshine. You are Mama's girl!

A disaster is averted.  And Mama will get shoes the next day forever.  

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