February 28, 2010

End of the Month

February was a pretty tough month for me.  Had a hard time with winter, the cabin fever, the dog hair, the darkness.  But lately the light has been coming back and staying a bit longer every day.   The temps are into the 30s so the damn snow is melting and the sun feels warm on my skin.  So maybe I'm finally coming out of my funk.
Had a couple of birthdays this month.  Earlier this month we took Mary to brunch at a Madison classic, The Edgewater Hotel.  There we had a very good brunch that stuffed us all to the gills. 

I absolutely adored the little bottles of Heinz Ketchup at each table.  So cute!  Can't believe I didn't snag that one.

Next birthday was Ms. Raine.  She turned 18 years old this past week.  I can't believe how the damn time just flies.  Will post a separate story on that little gem soon.  Need to track down some photos.
Oh, and little Ms. Sunshine went to her forever home last night.  Met the family from Stoughton on Thursday night, we  got along well and I knew I had found a great home for the sweet but destructive little hound. 
I can now leave the butter on the counter again.....

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