December 27, 2007

December 2007 Round-up

Thought I better put up one more blog entry before 2007 ends. Here's a bit of catch-up on the family! Ryann is home for a couple of weeks before she goes back the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities to finish up her junior year. Exciting news is that Ryann will be traveling to West Africa in May for a couple months to work on a research project with one of her African Studies Professors. She plans to do research in either Senegal or Guinea. This depending on whether civil war breaks out in Guinea or not. (You can imagine how excited this makes me....) Update: 1/4/08: Ryann reports a straight 4.0 GPA for the semester....Yeah!

Raine got her dream present this year - a PlayStation 3 with the game Rock Band. - All I can say is that it is loud. Really loud. Tried playing the drums last night while Raine sang. Pretty hilarious.

On Saturday night (Dec. 22)- we braved the heavy rain and drove to Paul's Winter Solstice party. This is a great Wisconsin friendly event- complete with hand-made cheese, beer and wine made by guests along with a complete smorgasbord of food. Every year Paul brings out his homemade beers for friends. We even were able to keep a solstice fire burning during the deluge. It finally changed over to ice just as we pulled into home driveway at about 1:30 am.

Had a great Christmas at Uncle Bear's house on X-mas Eve with my family. On X-mas day MK and the kids were over for Christmas Spaghetti dinner.

Todd and I are going to go test drive a Toyota Camry Hybrid. Todd wants to trade in his car while there is still good value on it. Anyone interested in a very fast Infinity G35?

New Years will be celebrated with friends here in Madison - our friends, Ankur and Ashwini will be hosting a BYOB and DJ Music party . They have rented a really cool little east side coffee shop for the event.

So that's where we are this final week of 2007. I wish everyone a happy new year and to my dutch friends - Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar!!!!!

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