February 7, 2008

Quilt Update

Sorry if I am obsessing about the quilt thing lately, but I just have to write this out. And since this is my blog, I can do pretty much that.

Anyhoo.... I took GBoo's (grama boo) advice and brought a nice polar fleece queen size blanket. This week, between work and snow storms, I cut the blanket down a few inches to fit the quilt top. Again, not really a having a clue to what I was doing but following instinct and GBoo's advice, I stitched it all together.

I still need to tie the two pieces together so I don't have what GBoo calls a "parachute", but I'm still amazed.... Two nights ago I tested it out on the sofa....and I must report, it was cozy warm. Total awesome feeling" And I must say one hella warm quilt.

Because of my reconnection with this quilt top that I stared 12 years ago, I was inspired to read a book by the Madison author, Jennifer Chiaverini, called The Runaway Quilt. In this wonderful story, Sylvia explores her own family history through quilts and a memoir left by a great aunt. So imagine my surprise when one the patterns discussed in the story is my own pattern called "Shoo Fly". And I learned that all my mistakes can be called "Humble blocks" because as the story goes only God can make perfection. So I'll sign on to that one.....

I think I might have the quilting bug - if only until the next obsession.

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