February 17, 2008

Peaceful Day

So today's snow storm has meant that we can't go for a walk. It's 5:00 in the afternoon. The dogs just don't seem too concerned. Today, we trimmed Cita - so she kinda looks like a poodle again. I love to be able to see the eyes of my canine companions. When I looked at the Valentine photo I shot of Cita, I knew the time had come for a trim. Because it is winter in Wisconsin, I won't have her sheared - she needs her fur to keep her warm on our daily walks. Here's a cute of shot of Teiko, snoozing by my feet this afternoon. Even in sleep, this guy will grap for his toys first and foremost if you come anywhere near him.... The fuzzy toy you see, I made from left-over fabric of my quilt. Because of the tight weave of the polar fleece fabric, it takes Teiko a couple of hours to rip apart - as opposed to other fabrics which take seconds.

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