February 4, 2008

Home Improvements - Decision time

Last night, Teiko helped Todd and me decide on what color slate stone to use in the sauna room. He's so cute!

The room you see below didn't actually exist when we first brought the house six years ago - it was simply a earth shed-thing under the house that was never finished. After hauling a couple of tons of sandy construction dirt out, having a doorway cut through the foundation to connect to the house, Todd closed the area in. One weekend a couple of years ago , I even helped haul and mix 5000lbs of concrete to make the floor.

Todd, our intrepid improvement guy, built the cinder block wall, installed windows and the glass doors, finished the sauna room and added a new shower stall. This weekend Todd roughed in the cedar walls. We are going to do the cinder wall and the shower stall in slate. The room when finished will have a cool - nordic spa feel to it - at least that is the plan.....


  1. Hi Todd and Rylee
    Fun to see from a distance what you are doin at yourplace. It looks really nice.

    I subsribed to the RSS feed, Rylee so I willnever miss a new post again ;-)


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