September 14, 2008

Get the ark ready....

Headed down to Chicago on Saturday for a Stereophonics concert on Saturday night. It was a record breaking rain weekend with almost 7 inches of rain hitting the city that day. We saw some pretty spectacular auto accidents on the way down. Suffice it to say we were happy to get off the interstate three hours later.

We wondered Michigan avenue Saturday afternoon in the downpour of Hurricane Ike leftovers. Desperate for a place to dry off and eat, we found a great restaurant called Banderas. The service as great, the food was excellent. Trust me, there isn't much to choose from on Michigan Ave when the rain is coming down. This restaurant was a blessing!

We had wanted to get to a museum during the day. The debate was the Field, Shedd or Science and Industry. Because of the deluge, we choose the path of least resistance on this trip. The Field got our attention. We've been there before, but it's always cool to see Sue the Tryanasaurus Rex,

After checking on to for a hotel for the night, (this time it was the wonderful world class hotel Swissotel on Wacker Ave.) that cost us not much! And bonus!, because we had a hybrid car our parking costs were cut by 50% - yay!
Anyway, the whole purpose of this trip was to see one of Raine's favorite bands, the Stereophonics who played at the sold-out Metro theatre by Wrigley Stadium. What an awesome show. We loved the music, the band was great! Raine nailed this show - dragged us down to shy-town for great weekend!

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