January 2, 2009

Happy New Years

I've become a bit addicted to facebook over the past month and haven't spent much time in my own domain. Silly. I'm going to make a much better attempt at updating here as a blog is a better vehicle to document the happenings in my life.

The holidays were good to the family. We spent lots of time with the various branches and the white elephant exchange at the streichers was definitely a highlight. We were also able to see good friends who traveled far and wide to get back to Madison.
On the workfront, I had a good month building client websites. Pictured above is the new expanded space for our office. We were finally able to knock down a wall to double our office space. Now all 18 of us can be together again, not sure if that makes everyone happy or not.... The furniture will be delivered next week, yay!

Also next week, I'll be taking Paris in for her second round of heartworm treatments, this is the time that we'll need to be sure she stays extra still so as not to cause the dead worms to break off in large clumps and clog her arteries. Kinda of gross, I admit, but that is exactly what happens.

I wish all a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

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