December 29, 2009

The best dog hair tool

I just have to say one thing to people who live with a dog.  Get a furminator!  It will save the day with German Shedders Shepherds or any other hairy creature living within the confines of home. (okay, not tested on humans....)  And no, I'm not paid by the makers of said product for any endorsement fees.

I actually use this tool and dang if it doesn't get the hair out of a dog that the "normal" brushes, rakes and combs leave behind.  Above is a photo of sweet-boy Teiko who I conned into getting a raking with the furminator tonight. 

Okay, he actually loves this treatment and in only a minute, I had gathered a nice little pile of excess hair that would have dropped off and traveled across my floors for the next week (or two....) 

And yes,  I threw the ball several times afterwards for his reward for being such a good'cha booooyyy!

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