April 22, 2009

Hanging around on Sunday

What do you think of the new window treatments we put in place on Sunday? Pretty avant guarde, no? Back again to make fresh pasta, Raine commandeered my curtain rods to dry the fresh spaghetti she made for Family Dinner.

While the sauce was canned, the meatballs and pasta were made from scratch. Todd put in extra garlic in the meatballs and they were nice and spicy
I found some of Raine's Cheesy Garlic Butter in the freezer and made hot bread. I love that stuff - not sure how she makes it, and probably don't want to know either because when it tastes this good, you know it's bad for you.....
And while we didn't have Apple Squares for dessert, I just had to add it to this post as it was beautiful. Raine actually baked this scrumptious treat for a friend's birthday present earlier in the week.

Oh, the pain that is mine, having to live with such cooking and baking goddess.


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