August 4, 2010

Good friends

Friends find their way into your heart in so many ways.

Chris (in the front) is a young man from Germany who we first hosted as an exchange student in 2005.   Since that time, he's visited us four times.

To tell the truth, we didn't have much in common when he first came to our home.  Chris was petrified to speak English with us, he loved heavy metal death music, dressed in goth and he had learned about the Berlin Wall coming down in his history class (He was 3 years old at the time in 1989).

Yet, somehow....we found a great foundation and a flourishing friendship.We love his quest for music, knowledge and a sense of self.  Over the past few years, Chris has really matured into a focused and determine young man.

Today, he's on a three week music tour of the US with stops in L.A, Madison, Chicago, Austin, Houston and Dallas to play his beautiful acoustic guitar with his friend Johannes (siting in the back).

Visiting us for a week, Chris and Johannes explored Madison, played a couple of clubs, got a radio interview and made the Critic's Choice in the Isthmus Magazine with an great article.

They left us yesterday for the last leg of their US visit/tour before heading home to Germany.

Tschüss, guys, until we meet again.

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