August 1, 2010

Sunday morning at farmers market

What a great way to spend Sunday morning in Madison.  The Northside Farmers Market is just the perfect size - lots of variety yet small enough to walk around in an hour and have time to actually talk to the farmers.  
Today's market was packed with amazing foods like these heirloom tomatoes - loved the shape and striping colors .  We brought Mississippi River catfish caught/cleaned this morning, fresh eggs laid yesterday, raw-milk cheddar cheese, ground cherries, shitake mushrooms and a beautiful bouquet of summer flowers - just to name delicious and local grown foods.  
The best baguette this side of France can be found at Madison' newest bakery called Batch Bakehouse.  Raine and I made an early morning run there today.  The baguettes were fresh out of the oven.  Pure heaven!  Above is my "go to market" bag that I brought at a French market in Nancy, France almost 10 years ago.  

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