August 30, 2010

The next phase of life

So am working on what it means to have no children living at home anymore. Both girls are now out of the house and believe it or not, life continues....

Here's what I have learned so far:

  1. The house stays much cleaner.
  2. Dogs need even more attention since there's only two humans at home. Longer walks are a must.
  3. Kid's cash emergencies still require Mom and Dads' help. 
  4. Smaller containers of food are now economically green - since it goes rotten before we use it all.
  5. Toast with peanut butter makes a great dinner. 
  6. Bike riding fills time and gives a good work-out. 
  7. Conversation skills with your mate must upgrade probably since it's the only human you'll see at home.
  8. There's now one person left at home to focus my undivided attention on - poor guy.   

Here's to the next step in the journey of life.  

Yippee ki-yay

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