May 5, 2011

May, really?

I was so proud of myself, I had made it through the winter, unscathed this year.  I wasn't battling the seasonal effective disorder I normally develop through the cold harsh Wisconsin winters.  March was nice, daylight savings kicked in with sunny days to boot and the warm promise of a soon-to-come Spring.

Thought I had it licked this year. But dang,  April was the longest, coldest, snowiest damn miserable month I've experienced.  My psyche was worn out.  I was not seeing the joy in life or even caring.

And five days into May it wasn't much better.  Yes, the plants are finally coming out, the grass is green but 48 degree days with freezing nights just doesn't bring to mind warm summer days, gardening,  or sitting on the patio with friends.

Until this afternoon,  Mary and I took a little trip to heaven when we went to Kopke's Greenhouse north of Oregon, WI.  With Mother's day just around the bend, I knew their greenhouses would be overstocked and plum-full.  And they failed me not.

I think I actually asked one of the very friendly women who work there when I could move in.  I don't remember much from a cognitive level - it was just pure soul happiness.  I was surrounded by rows and rows of the most beautiful gigantic geraniums, fuschias, dahlia, digitalis, coneflowers, hostas and six million other plants.  I was in heaven.

So, of course, this being Wisconsin, the annuals I bought, which I consider cheaper than a therapy session, must remain indoors for a few more weeks.  But that's okay in my book.  I'll just lay down by them every day and enjoy their beauty.

I'm a simple woman, really.  Flowers make me ecstatic, whole and and very grounded.

Yep, the life of's a good place to be.

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