January 16, 2008

Pumpkin skins are good for the pups

My dogs love to eat. And one of the funniest things my dogs like is pumpkin skins. They can be fresh, baked and even roasted - the pups love 'em. And pumpkin is very good for occasional intestinal issues, if you know what I mean...so I regularly cook up pumpkin when I have it
for a special treat. Here's a little photo of Cita chowing down on some pumpkin skin, while Teiko waits for more.
P.S. Another favorite of Teiko's is shrimp skins - he can't eat enough. And did you know that shrimp skins are a great source for Glucosamine - the wonder mineral for dog's bones and joints?


  1. Who would have thought eh? Lola loves pumpkin too.

  2. For the poodle, Cita, She actually loves her pumpkin skins raw. She gets a good chew, and I don't have to worry about bone shards in her belly.


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