January 26, 2008

A new E for the Mama!

This is what happens when you make friends with your car salesman. He emailed me on Thursday to let me know that my favorite color had just come in and did he have a great deal for me! Here's a quick photo I took of the car when I went out to the lot, test drove the car and brought it on the spot. So I'm upgrading my 2006 Honda Element for a brand new kiwi-green 2008 Honda Element. The new "E" has everything that I should have purchased two years ago - all-wheel drive, roof rack, trailer hitch and believe it or not - automatic transmission. I love the "E" don't get me wrong, but the front-wheel drive only was a bit under-powered in Wisconsin winters. The biggest reason I love this car is that it is totally dog-proofed. With rubber flooring, it's a cinch to clean. I tell Teiko to "bring on the mud".

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