March 15, 2009

Cami has a new family

We sent Cami Bear off with her new family today. What a sweet couple and their whole family can't wait to meet Cami when they get back tonight. They absolutely adore her and this happened within minutes of walking in our house.....

Cami Bear did her part by being all sweet, lovey and giving good kisses. Immediately the guy said "She's the most beautiful GSD I've ever seen. This couple have been working with GSRAW for the past five months waiting for the right dog. They called within minutes of my posting Cami on the website on Tuesday. And special icing on the cake, Cami is what he asked for his golden birthday present.

Wow, it felt so wonderful to see how much this couple wanted Cami and were telling her all the things that they would do with her. What a lucky dog!

Cami, you have a sweet life ahead of you!

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