March 1, 2009

Mama got a new camera!

Now I just have to figure out how to use it.

I researched cameras and went with the Panasonic Fz28 - it's a great hybrid between the ease of a point and shoot (like my other camera - a Pentax Optio) and a digital SLR which is a digital version of a 35m camera - to allow much more manual control of a shot.
It's light-weight but definitely not a camera that goes in the pocket. It has 18x zoom and the close-up shots are pretty awesome - at least what I've seen on the camera websites. I'm still in learn mode at this point.....Another cool thing, I can add telephoto and macro lenses to this camera - definitely a plus as I gain experience using this.

I like that it has intelligent auto focus. So while I'm learning how to use the higher functions of the camera - I can still just "point and shoot" - I love the blue that came through on this picture.It also allows for the ability to open up the shutter to capture better images in low-light as shown in the photo above that I took last night with only a 40watt lamp in the room.
But I really love up-close flower shots and its macro feature is suppose to be superb - I'm just playing around with shots at this point, but it seems pretty detailed as I see a little fuzz on the orchid stem.

I'm still working on resolution. Right now the camera's default is 180DPI resolution. I need to figure out how to bump that up to get more pixels, thus more color information into my images.

So now I have a new homework assignment in relearning the mechanics of photography instead of letting the camera do all the work.....

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