March 4, 2009

I love Camembert de Normandie cheese

I've been to the French province of Normandie a couple of times with friends and some of them even were from the region. Being the ever so faithful Wisconsin girl, I'm always up for trying new cheeses. So, I was introduced to the non-pasturized version of Camembert de Normandie cheese which I fell in love with.

If you like French Brie cheese, you'll absolutely adore a good Camembert. Unfortunately, (or maybe not...) I think that the Cambembert that does make it over to the U.S., must be pasteurized, thus losing some of it real essence. However, Don't be afraid to try it! It's awesome on really crusty french bread (read: crusty - a must, not that crap they try to pawn off at the local grocery store....)

So in honor of the death of radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey, who died this week at age 90, Let me fill you in on "The Rest of the Story"....

This is Camembert or as I call her "Cami Bear", my newest foster dog. I was telling my colleagues at work the other day about how sad I was seeing Paris go. My youngest employee, age 23, said from now on, I should name all my fosters a frenchy name in honor of Paris and my time with her. What a brilliant guy!

So, last night I picked Cami up from a boarding facility. She didn't pay a lick of attention to me for about 20 minutes into the drive home. Then, all of a sudden, she put her face by mine, I told her "Everything is just fine, my sweet girl", she gave me a kiss on the cheek and we've been friends since then.
What I know of her story is this, she was surrendered to a "high-kill" shelter on Feb 20 in Tennessee. The dogs get 7 days and that's it.

On February 26, a desperate call came to our volunteer rescue group, German Shepherd Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin. It was decided that if we could find volunteers to transport Cami and another dog, we'd take them in.

Well, we did it, we got volunteers who traveled miles and transported these dogs for no gain of their own other than to know they saved an animal's live.

Wow, all I have to do is give this great girl a safe environment, a little love (which isn't hard...), some basic obedience and interview potential families who are deserving enough of this wonderful creature.

The more that I work with rescue dogs, the more I'm convinced that we as a society must step up our efforts to stop indiscriminate breeding as well as champion the belief that animals are not disposable.

I think I'm going to buy a round of Camembert de Normandie this weekend and share it with a lovely dog (or two, or three).


  1. Very nice story. I brought some Calvados back from Normandy.. no if I can find that cheese

  2. that is sweet! thank you. I think I've had Calvados before. Now I need to find it again, as I can't remember it.


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