March 25, 2010

Getting the growing itch

 Now that the flowers have started blooming in the front yard, the herb beds are waking up, the robins are back, a girl starts thinking about her gardens.  What should I plant this year, what veggies, new flowers, what perennials need to be divided.  Oh, I'm so happy the warmer and longer days are back....
Raine went on her own creative streak last weekend and made about 400 dinosaur sugar cookies.  They were just the cutest little things.  Of course, I had to sample of few.

March 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Spring 2010  has sprung early - Yay!

Finally I can cast off that old rotten sweater I have called winter and welcome the warm embrace of spring here in ol' Wisconsin. The dafs, crocus and hyacinth made their feisty appearance over the weekend.  

My memory must be fading, as I can't remember having so many bulbs.  I know I've planted lots over the years, and if the rabbits don't find them this year, I might just have a bumper crop.

Joining the flowers this week are the robins, sandhill cranes and 60 degree sunny days. 

Spring in Wisconsin,  there is just no better place to be!

With a little bit of love, patience and kindness

This poor dog was scheduled to be euthanized because it was labeled a freak. Wow, what a difference a half hour of patience and kindness can do. 

Plus, Edie the dog in this video reminds me of my crazy maltese/poodle Cita......  I could totally see Ceets going nuts on people if she was backed into a corner and scared out of her mind.  

Please, please consider rescuing your next dog friend. 

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