May 25, 2009

The B-Day Boy...

Had a few friends over last night to wish Todd well on his birthday. The weather was beautiful, the beer was flowing and Raine once again cooked up a storm for the masses including the scrumptious birthday cake.

May 22, 2009

Even the Mighty fall

When we first got Teiko five years ago, the plan was to eventually breed him. He has great bloodlines and temperament. However, as time passed, we realized that we just didn't have the time to start a German Shepherd breeding program. And having an intact male can cause some issues. So Teiko went to the vet for a little surgery this week.
I picked him up from the vet's office after work. And boy, was he ready to get the heck out there. A very glassy-eyed, whiny and droopy dog is who I nursed through the evening.
While I had him under for the big surgery, I also had Dr. June remove a broken tooth/stump that somehow the boy broke in the past month. So basically he's in stitches from stern to bow.
Ryann stopped over to see the patient and to give some love. As the evening progress, he definitely came out of all the drugs in his system and was on the road to recovery. It will be a few sore days, yet, but Teiko is definitely on the mend.

May 16, 2009

It's a zoo around here....

It appears that every baby bird born in the past two years has returned to the nest, so to speak. So far, I've counted six bird nests built under our decks and eaves of the house. We have swallows, robins and some bunting-kinda bird that built this amazingly creative nest with straw and plastic bits.

Each year we try to keep the birds from building the nests - but unless you are on 24 hour watch, the birds outwit us every time. And it doesn't help that our policy is that once the birds have eggs in the nest, we admit defeat.

In addition to the bird families, our annual bat family has migrated back to the bat houses we have installed on the sides of our house. Last year we counted about 125 bats. I have a love/hate relationship as I get kinda creeped out by the flying mice, but at the same time, living on a marsh, the bats do their share to keep the mosquitos from carrying me away.
And as a bonus, because I just can't get enough free-loading animals living under my roof, I also willingly foster German Shepherds. Of which I currently have one, Midnight, who will be meeting a potential new family tomorrow.

Seriously, I should look into tax breaks as a nature preserve.

May 12, 2009

Flowers in the Garden

This past weekend was beautifully sunny yet cool. The Spring flowers are in their prime. Last fall, I planted another 100 or so tulips and other bulbs. And for the most part, they all bloomed,except for a couple of rabbit nibbles. The yard is finally starting to fill with bulbs. I like it.
Spent Mother's Day morning with my mom. we had a great brunch at the Iron Works Cafe at the Goodman Community Center. Bonus, we got to watch Raine cook! She looked very chef-like!
The two photos above of the fuchsia plant is my mother's day present to myself. Mom and I drove to Kopke's Greenhouse near Oregon, WI. The hanging baskets are stunning and huge. Brought mom her summer flowers and had to get a few baskets for myself. The fuchsia is almost 4 ft wide, I kid you not!

May 3, 2009

Everything is coming up Green!

Spring has finally sprung in Wisconsin. I've been holding out for one last snow squall, but I think the time has safely passed. I spent most of the weekend in the back yard, pulling weeds, mowing and cleaning up the flower beds. The rose bushes survived the winter and all of the perennials are going gangbusters.
Also at its peak this weekend was the Magnolia tree in the front yard. Todd captured some beautiful shots of the blossoms in the setting sun. The colors are just beautiful.Ah, Spring is definitely here - thank the gods that be! This past winter nearly did me in. Now I have growing things all around me, dirt under my fingernails, pollen up my nose and I couldn't be happier!!!!

May 2, 2009

Seeking a little comfort

Ever since Teiko was a pup, he's always sought the comfort of his pack. When he was little, it was so cute, how he'd come between our legs and either stand or sit between our feet seeking security and closeness while gazing adoringly at us.

And he never outgrew this need to be close. Five years later, he's now 27 inches tall at the shoulders and he often comes up from behind to get close....meaning he often "gooses" his loved one....often by surprise.

And it's not just the immediate pack with whom Teiko shares this particular form of affection. He does this to others he deems worthy - including friends that come over to the house, complete strangers who he takes a liking and has access to and definitely my mom who has probably been recipient of this goosing the most.

Pictured above is an example. At a Sunday family dinner night, we are all standing around watching Todd cook dinner on the grill. Teiko is waiting for something to fall to the ground. Where better to stand and watch? Right between Ryann's legs. Nice and safe while strategically close to the food source.

Mama's very smart and loving dog.

May 1, 2009

Happy Blogoversary to me

Yay, today marks the the start of my third year of blogging the Life of Rylee. When I first started - I tried to do my own blog, but soon gave up and started using Blogger tools. The original still exists here - Life of Rylee. One of my first blog stories was a photo essay of using the macro lense on my new (at the time) Pentax Optio point and shoot camera.

A lot has happen over the past two years as witnessed on my blog. I hope the next years are just as good!

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