December 30, 2009

Just one more dog

I've had a lot of friends say "how can you not keep every rescue dog you encounter".  Yes, I fall in love with most of them, that's true, but I know that there are thousands more dogs out there and the best I can do is let go of the current rescue to another loving family and open my arms to the next.

This video - I promise will bring tears but it explains so well why we in rescue do what we do.  Please consider a donation to a local rescue group or better yet your time. 

December 29, 2009

The best dog hair tool

I just have to say one thing to people who live with a dog.  Get a furminator!  It will save the day with German Shedders Shepherds or any other hairy creature living within the confines of home. (okay, not tested on humans....)  And no, I'm not paid by the makers of said product for any endorsement fees.

I actually use this tool and dang if it doesn't get the hair out of a dog that the "normal" brushes, rakes and combs leave behind.  Above is a photo of sweet-boy Teiko who I conned into getting a raking with the furminator tonight. 

Okay, he actually loves this treatment and in only a minute, I had gathered a nice little pile of excess hair that would have dropped off and traveled across my floors for the next week (or two....) 

And yes,  I threw the ball several times afterwards for his reward for being such a good'cha booooyyy!

December 24, 2009

Music Bliss

Caught a bit of Ankur's pre-New Years' Eve music last night at the Frequency.  Bumped to the groove for a bit and caught a few photos of Spin Cycle.  I like this one - it captures the beat of the music that was playing last night.

The Iceman Cometh

Heading into Christmas Eve and we've already received a nice mix of sleet, ice and snow overnight.  All around the eaves of the house, there are now 4 foot icecicles ready to impale someone foolish enough to walk outdoors. 

December 16, 2009

What your dog does during the day

I often wonder what my pups do during the day while I'm at work.  Now I have proof.  Mr. Teiko, if given have a chance and an opened bedroom door, will sleep quite comfortably during our absence.

December 10, 2009

the storm aftermath....

Saw this poor car on my draggingly slow commute into the office this morning. Halfway buried in the thick frozen snow mess, I couldn't even tell what kind of car it was. Just glad it wasn't mine.  

December 9, 2009

Let it snow....

15 inches of snow and counting.  The news reports are saying this 10 state cyclone winter storm is of historic proportions.  Calling for blizzard conditions for the next 24 hours, the tempertures will fall to below zero and the winds pick up causing white-out conditions.   It's beautiful outside right now, I'm just kinda concerned for my poor Arbor Vitae.  They are the large piles in the back of the photo.  The 7 ft trees are simply bent in half and snow covered.  I think they will recover..... Below is a photo from two springs ago when we put them in.

Holiday Decorating UP style

Known locally in the UP as Princess Pine, this ground moss' official name is Lycopodium Obscurum  or Wolf's Paw.  It's a rhizome growing plant so it's a very good idea to cut off each piece and not pull or tear it out of the ground.
It's a great ground cover and a good signal of a healthy forest.  Teiko and I spent a nice afternoon in the Ottawa National Forest picking this cute plant for making a couple of Christmas wreathes.
I love the feathery texture of the branches and a different look from the regular pine bough wreaths sold everywhere.  This wreath is hanging at the office.

December 8, 2009

Let it Snow

The first real storm of the winter is upon us.  Current predictions are saying 15 inches by tomorrow.  Let's go out and play.  Todd and I shoveled about six inches of heavy snow tonight.  Hopefully we'll only have another six inches in the morning.   This is Teiko's favorite time of year.  He loves to roll around in the snow, chase it and jump on the shovel. 
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