October 30, 2008

Updates to the life of Rylee

Lots happening on the home front. Just a quick update.

1. Beatons - the boys were able to close up the sauna haus with a tyvek covering and add temporary windows last weekend. We may actually be able to work inside the building the winter. We'll see.

2. Todd and I are heading to Mexico City and Acapulco for 12 days. Yay! We leave tomorrow morning at 6am. We'll visit our friend Lenny and his new baby. And then head for the beach.

3. I'm so glad the election is almost here. I'm optimistic that my man Obama will be our next president. I'll be toasting to that next tuesday from an Acapulco beach!

4. Below is a photo of Sir Wag Alot. He will be coming to live with us on November 12 for an undetermined amount of time. Why us? As the newest volunteer foster parents for German Shepherd Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin, Todd and I have agreed to foster Sir Wags until his forever home is found.
What we know about this beautiful dog, is that he's about 9 months old, friendly and is a shelter favorite. Unfortunately, his time was up at the shelter and no one claimed him or adopted him. So he was scheduled to be euthanized at an Illinois Shelter this Saturday. Though the hard work of volunteers at GSRAWs - Sir Wags will be transported to a temporary foster home in Racine until we can take him on November 12.

So, until I return from Mexico - this will probably be my last post - unless I can figure out how to do it from my mobile phone with Wi-FI access....

October 25, 2008

Due to popular demand, I had added another photo with the Katte dog in the photo! - Please note that I worked the photoshop magic to have all dogs looking at the camera at one time. I challenge anyone to make three dogs look at the camera at once....

Teiko says Vote!

Teiko and Cita agree on one thing! And that's Obama!!!!

St. Louis

St. Louis is a great town. I love the architecture of the reviving downtown. And of course the Gateway Arch. With so many things that you see as a kid and then revisit years later, the size is often smaller or diminished. Not so with the Arch. It is still a massive structure and is an amazing feat of engineering. I took this picture about a year ago, when we went to St. Louis for the NCAA Frozen Four tournement.

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October 20, 2008

Why I'm voting for Barack Obama

I've been voting in presidential elections since 1984, when as an 18-year college student, I was inspired by the historic nomination of Geraldine Ferraro as the Democratice Vice President nominee. (Mondale was all right...) I saw the dawning of an energized and enlightened country, I saw hope for the young and idealistic - like all those 60s people I had learned about in school.

In 1984, I volunteered for the Mondale/Ferraro campaign, I called voters, I knocked on doors, I rallied. But to no avail. Reagan won the election in a landslide and it's been bushies and clinton ever since.

As I "grew up" I became less inspired with each subsequent presidential election. To the point, I just never was excited, connected or committed. I also never volunteered, nor gave money, nor did I ever endorsed a presidential candidate.

That changed this year. For the first time in almost 25 years, I am excited about this presidental election. And more importantly, I'm engaged. I volunteer, I give money to this candidate, I hand out really cute Obama pins! I want the man to be president for so many reasons. And I can sum it up in five words:

Integrity, Honesty, Hope, Promise and Change.

Now some of you, may not agree with the words or the order, but this is what I believe our country needs in its leader right now. And I believe as so many other Americans do that Obama has these.

So finally, I get to be excited about a presidential candidate again. And that feels very good!

The last big push at Beatons

When we started the build out of the Sauna Haus in August, we really didn't know how it would end. Would we get it closed in before winter? Would we have enough time?

Well, as you can see from the above photos, we started with the foundation posts and beams in the end or August and have a closed in building at the end of October! This was all completed during eight weekends with lots of great help from our friends. Yay!!!

And this weekend was no different. On Saturday, with the help of Bonnie, Ryann, Raine, Matt and Taylor, Todd, Eric and I were able to completely close up the building, insulated the timbers, dig the water drain and get the boats out of the lake.

Click on the album below to see all the great work that was completed this weekend! (plus some cute photos of the pups....)

Beatons - October 17 2008 - Last Push

October 16, 2008

Autumn is nearing its end in Wisconsin

Well it sure doesn't look like this anymore up north. This photo was taken three weeks ago and already the color is down and the leaves have fallen. I just love the reflection of the leaves in the lake.

October 15, 2008

The last Debate

Progressive (and smart) radio personalility Ed Schultz and his Where America Comes to Talk radio show will be in town tonight to record a townhall meeting after the final debate between Obama and that old guy.

Todd, Deb and I have tickets and will be leaving shortly to get a good seat for the debate and radio show. Listen to Ed's show and maybe you'll hear us dissecting the latest debate on national radio!!!!

October 14, 2008

Vote Early and vote often....

Okay, not the often part.

A group of us headed over to the City Clerk's office yesterday to cast our vote for the presidential election.

In Wisconsin you can place an absentee vote almost up to election day. And it was easy! Since I'm already a registered voter, it took only a matter of seconds to get my ballot, mark my candidate, seal the envelope and watch it placed in the big metal voter box. Easy Peasy!

What was heartening, was the line we saw at the City building. There was a steady stream of like-minded voters casting their votes early.

If you want to avoid election day lines - as they are predicting record turn outs, head to your city clerks office today! There are different rules for voter registration in every state (and city) but just remember - as a U.S. Citizen - your voice and vote count. Don't let them take it away!

The website - voteforchange.com helps you determine how and where to vote in the U.S. It's a great tool!

October 13, 2008

Beatons Update

Lots of work was completed this weekend on the sauna haus. It no longer looks like a magnificant picnic shelter - IMO. The roof is now ready for the the metal layer installation. Additionally, the framing is complete for the temporary walls that we hope to finish next weekend. This way we can continue working on the inside this winter.

Pictured above is the foundation for the sauna stove. The chimney will rise 20 feet or so to clear the ridge beam at the ceiling. So there will be lots of work to do this winter!!!

October 11, 2008

Winter comes quickly in the northwoods. The frost was heavy last weekend at Beatons. As we've been doing almost every weekend since August, we have been working on finishing the sauna haus or at least getting enough done so we can safely close if for the long winter.

Click on the box below to see the latest photos of the build-out

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