January 28, 2009

Dog Play - not for the weak at heart

Watching two big dogs play is liking watching a chess match. Each opponent tests and checks for weaknesses. It is so fun to watch Paris, our foster dog and Teiko, the Mama's boy, get into it. Canines play just like wolf pups. Circle each other, look for weak spots and then with lots of fast movement, jump and dive for the perfect spot to take his/her "prey" down.

True canine play is not for the weak at heart. There is snarling, large canine teeth snapping, jumping, flopping, bitting, squealing, but at the end of the day, they absolutely respect and make up with each other. I think humans could learn a lot from canines.

On a side note, Paris is a keeper. While we've nursed her through so much sickness, she has finally come into her healthy self. She has such a beautiful heart, is as smart as a whip and a perfect friend to Teiko - she even likes Cita (who knew?) I know, this would be one of the easiest dogs to adopt out, but I'm going to be selfish and keep this sweet girl.

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January 26, 2009

Sunday, Family dinners continue

We have re-instituted Sunday Family Dinner night now that Ryann is back in Madison. From now on, we have a standing dinner date for the family - as it used to be - when both girls lived at home.

Last night, Ryann came over and helped us make fresh fettucini for our Paneered Chicken and Alfredo Sauce, a recipe from Chef Paul Prudhomme, which we have loved for years.

Raine, our resident chef, asked for and received the pasta attachment to our kitchen-aid mixer for X-mas. Pictured above is everyone pitching in to hold with chopsticks the very fresh pasta as it dried.

The dinner was awesome and now we are on a broth menu for the next four days to compensate for the calories of this fine dinner.

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German Shepherds rip apart any toy under 5 minutes. Period. I challenge anyone reading this to find me a toy that can last longer. At 350 pounds per inch pressure (or something like that) just about anything can be destroyed quickly. I decided last weekend to go
to the local Goodwill store to find some less-costly toys for Teiko and Paris.

The only stuffed animals that the Goodwill had available were all "talking" stuffed animals at $3.99 a piece. Teiko had the mechanical speaking part that says "That tickles...hee, hee, hee...." ripped out in minutes. after that, he continued to eat the face as pictured above.

At the end of the day, the pups had fun and that is what matters. Mama, on the other hand, needs to find a cheaper source for stuffed animals as they last about four minutes.

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January 21, 2009

Half a life - more or less

Oh boy. This weekend was the my 23 year anniversary being with Todd. (P.S. I've been with this man for more than half my life. Wow!)

It was also my birthday week.

During those 23 years, we've accomplished so much including; the most amazing two kids in our world (okay Bailey and Bert are up there...), the most awesome friends, the most giving and loving family, our most faithful dogs, moving to Europe, coming back to Madison (and home), and starting a company or two , and most importantly enjoying being!!!!

I am happy to be! Happy birthday to me!

January 17, 2009

Madison at night

The Capitol is so beautiful at night. I took this picture on Tuesday night. The air was so cold and crisp it just made for a wonderful light around the dome.

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January 2, 2009

Happy New Years

I've become a bit addicted to facebook over the past month and haven't spent much time in my own domain. Silly. I'm going to make a much better attempt at updating here as a blog is a better vehicle to document the happenings in my life.

The holidays were good to the family. We spent lots of time with the various branches and the white elephant exchange at the streichers was definitely a highlight. We were also able to see good friends who traveled far and wide to get back to Madison.
On the workfront, I had a good month building client websites. Pictured above is the new expanded space for our office. We were finally able to knock down a wall to double our office space. Now all 18 of us can be together again, not sure if that makes everyone happy or not.... The furniture will be delivered next week, yay!

Also next week, I'll be taking Paris in for her second round of heartworm treatments, this is the time that we'll need to be sure she stays extra still so as not to cause the dead worms to break off in large clumps and clog her arteries. Kinda of gross, I admit, but that is exactly what happens.

I wish all a peaceful and prosperous New Year!
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