March 27, 2011

Will Spring ever come this year?

Dang,  it's the end of March and I still have nothing in my outside gardens.  Two weeks ago, we had two 50 degee days and since it's back to freezing.  Not liking Wisconsin at all.  Thank goodness for the orchids which appreciate the sunlight and are blooming like crazy.

Mean Salads

I make a mean salad, even when served with beef or pork....

March 9, 2011

I am so ashamed of the actions taken by the republican officials in Wisconsin tonight.  Shame!  

I am speechless.   

Can I move back to Holland?

Okay, I still have some hope - Citizens storm the palace!

March 3, 2011

Gotta love orchids

 I love this time of year, my birthday batch of orchids continue to bloom while last year's orchids come to life with the longer days as Spring quickly approaches.
Orchids are such a great reward for the money.  From experience, I typically stick with Phalaenopsis orchids.  They will bloom for months and usually cost less than a bouquet of flowers from the local grocery store.   In the summer time, I move all the orchids outside where they love the the humid, warm Wisconsin climate. 

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