April 17, 2011

Dang close to Kobe beef

Stopped by our favorite little grocery store on Saturday - Jennifer Street Market.  For a small space, they have everything you need; good produce, a great meat counter, Amish hand-rolled butter (the best!), wines and a great bakery.  

We saw that they had Kobe beef - or an American approximation that we had to try.  We bought one bistro steak (the top part of the sirloin) for about $6 (7 oz)  The meat is well marbled and cooked nicely.   The taste was very good, texture was almost melt in your mouth and the flavor was as one would expect from a great piece of meat.   We'd definitely buy this again.

Finished the plate off with a couple of nice prawns marinated in garlic, pearly couscous and some delish zucchini (again cooked in garlic).



April 14, 2011

Spring has finally, almost, oops, it's gone

Spring made a spectacular entry this past weekend.  One of the longest winters in my recent memory, Spring finally hit my frozen, addled soul with a double whammy this past weekend.  Temps raised 30 degrees overnight.  By Sunday, we were at 82 degrees.

So, of course, my Spring bulbs finally made their appearance.  And as one can expect, the rabbits did their darnedest to eat them - but this being a hard winter and all, I don't beget them their food.....

As this is Wisconsin, and as I write this four days later, the temps are back in the low 40s and we can expect high temps this weekend of 46 degrees.  At least the weatherpeople have taken back their earlier threat of weekend snow...so far. Last year, the crocuses were up by March 25.

Anyway...I'm enjoying my three crocuses that survived the hungry bunnies so far and I wait with baited breath the arrival of my tulips.  

April 4, 2011

Was Franti in Madison tonight?

Word was that Michael Franti was coming to Madison tonight to support the April 4 rallies at the Capitol.  Not sure if that happened.  I had to go to my dance class.  But here's a great song from Michael.

April 3, 2011

Cutest photo ever today

I'm sitting here blogging and my ever faithful pups are right next to me sound asleep.  You don't see Cita leave her little dog bed to sleep by Teiko very often.  Too Cute!

Wisconsin is the place to be

Spent several Saturdays marching on the Square in support of Wisconsin Workers.  Above are photos from the various marches - most are mine but the final four - are from my sister, Deb, a newly mad Republican who's on the warpath for Walker.  Finally something we can both agree upon!!!!

As of April 2, Walkers budget bill is stalled by Dane County Judge Marianne Sumi with a temporary Restraining Order in place. It will be weeks to months before it can be implemented.  The legal questions have to do with whether Republican Legislators violated Wisconsin Open Meeting Laws by not posting/notifying the public of a crucial committee meeting on March 9 that enacted the new budget bill - taking away collective bargaining rights of workers.

April Fools Day gardening

April 1 and only in Wisconsin (well, I suspect there are other places too...) does it start out at 50 degrees in the morning with the sunshine warming my winter frozen skin.  So I decide to take the day off from work and spend it in the yard, clearing the flower beds.  By Noon, the weather takes a turn and the next thing I know, it's snowing and worse, sticking to the ground.

My spring bulbs are just coming out of the ground so a little snow doesn't hurt them, but dang, I sure wish they'd start flowering soon and the damn temperature would start rising!
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