May 26, 2010

Teiko knows better....

Teiko decides that laying on the hostas is ok or at least better than tromping the mama's flowers.

May 23, 2010

Let the growing season begin!

Have spent the past couple of weeks working the raised vegetable beds and perennial gardens around the house. Spring came so early here in Wisconsin this year, it tempted many naive city folks to put delicate veggies in the ground way too early. And sure enough, those foolish to plant basil outside before May 15 had to dig the frozen stems out of snow.
The hens and chicks are blooming again.  I love succulents as they plump up an area quickly with texture, color and fullness.

The bearded iris is a surprise of sorts.  It snuck in a few years ago with a box of tulip bulbs, I think.  Anyway, this particular one has naturalized over the past two years and is now spreading and dividing.  It is quite gorgeous.

These chairs on the pool deck add a nice splash of color. And they are in the spot to catch the last rays of sun in the afternoon.
The front gardens are nicely shaded and make a great spot for the house plants to soak up the natural humity and summer warmth while they share space with lots spiria and 15 different hostas. 

May 21, 2010

Am a little behind on the Graduation announcements.  Cards should go out next week.  For family reading this blog - please spread the word.  We'll be having an openhouse the afternoon of Saturday, June 19th. 

May 20, 2010

Beatons in Spring

Spent last weekend up at Beatons. The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Sunny, warm and just perfect to  We installed six sets of windows, started the rock wall, got the boats in the water and had a little fun.

The weather was so nice.  The ferns were literally growing in front of my eyes.  That is one of the things I love most about the Upper Penisula (Michigan)  The growing season is quite short, but when things start growing it's a northern jungle.  Plants can grow a foot in a day.  Amazing to see.


Click on the photo above to see more photos of our latest progress at Beatons.

May 17, 2010

The garden is in full swing.  Above is some third summer Lamb's Ear which is supper thick (and needs to be divided...)  Todd caught the dawn's rays coming low over the leaves one morning.  Can't believe the boy was up and outside before 6am.
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