February 13, 2009

Saying Good Morning

Whenever I see one of my favorite wildflowers, Rudbeckia, I always think of my daughter, Raine.When she was a little girl, we would walk every morning in the flower garden before going to school. In our garden we'd have a few moments to ourselves before the hectic day began.

We had a little ritual where we'd stop in front of each plant, I would say the name of the plant and Raine would say "Good Morning!" Raine always spent the most time with the Rudbeckias, sometimes saying greetings to each individual flower.
That was a life-learning experience where I learned to slow down, because mornings could be really hectic if you let them. I learned to enjoy the moment.

Today, Raine might not walk with me every morning to say good morning to the flowers, but I still do. For me, I will always have Rudbeckia growing in my garden. Because this flower above all others makes me think of those precious morning moments with Raine, saying "Good Morning"

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