January 11, 2012

Winter blooming in Wisconsin

Yes, I know it's been unseasonably warm here in Wisconsin.  Temps today hit 51 degrees.  However by tomorrow temps will be back to the seasonably cold 20 degrees with a threat of 8 inches of snow...

What's a girl to do?  Make sure you have lots of orchids in the house!

This orchid is new and purchased in December.  It's a basic Phalenopsis-type orchid and is super easy to keep and more importantly keep alive and have re-bloom.  Sometimes even twice a year.  But the big thing is once it blooms, it often go for months with new flowers.

This Phalenopsis orchid is a re-bloomer.  It gave me flowers last year and is bringing me more this year. 

This is a different type of orchid, called a Lady's Slipper or Cypridpedium.  It's in the orchid family and one that can grow native in Wisconsin.   This one is not a native but has been living with me for three years now and will bloom twice per year.  Flowers on this type of orchid only last a week or so. Here's a picture of an actual native northwoods Cypridpedium growing at Beatons

I find that Phalenopsis are still my favorite - lots of colors and so easy to maintain.  They bring such color and life to a wintery Wisconsin home. The new shoots pictured above are from my 4-6 year olds.

And Yay!  I'm so excited for the 25th annual Orchid Quest at the coliseum on Feb 4 in Madison.  I think I might have to acquire one or two newbies to join the pack.....

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