March 18, 2008

Weekend at the Keweenaw

We had a great weekend up in the Keweenah penisula in Michigan this past weekend. We stayed at the now waterproofed trailer by Lake Superior. It was actually quite cozy with electricity and heat - we managed quite nicely. Fresh coffee in the morning, the rocking Wolf radio station and snow, snow, snow!

Todd and Raine skied both days. Since Mt. Bohemia is just a bit too severe for me as a skier, I spent time working on genealogy, touring around the Keweenah and hangin' with Teiko. The weather was fabulous over the weekend, sunny, cold but warm with the sunlight. Each night we went to different towns to dine - Saturday night we went to Quincy's in Dollar Bay and on Sunday night we went to The Michigan House in Calumet. The history of the U.P. is fascinating and we need to spend more time learning about the mining and industry that took place there. Of course, it ended upruptly in the '40s and the U.P. has spent the past 50 years trying to recover. We're doing our small part to add to the economy - or at least have a damn good time trying....

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you just experienced what Daniel calls learning to "accept not expect." Sounds like a weekend well spent!

    I've been enjoying turning to your blog every so often to catch up on what you and Todd have been doing.

    Keep up the good work on the blog!


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