May 14, 2008

Garden Improvements

So I told you earlier that last weekend, Todd had an epiphany as to how the back yard could be changed. On Saturday, during my planned absence, the master gardener ripped up the lawn and created a bunch new gardening areas. Now I like it, don't get me wrong, but dang I wasn't expecting to do so much yardwork this year.... Above is the new framed-in garden section of the lawn. I think the goal being to reduce mowing to about two strips around the yard.....

On Sunday, Todd and I went to our favorite nursery to get some new arbor vitae for a privacy screen on the left side of the yard. Shown above are the 5 foot arbor vitae and my new Candymint crabapple tree stuffed into the back of the Element. As you can see in this photo, Todd has continued the line of arbor vitae down the side of the yard. In about 20 years, they will provide some nice privacy, I should think. In the mean time, they do add some nice vertical lines in an otherwise horizontal landscape.

It will be fun to plan out the garden. We are going to mix in vegetables, perennials and baby trees that we'll start here and take up north in a few years. I'll keep you posted!

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